Star Stealers

I reached for the stars, but nothing came back.” Continue on for a very, very short story of sorts… because… art.

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The Journey Ending

This is where the magic happens. Not on the streets to glory, but on the paths marked with sorrow.

I placed everything down before me and knelt beside my brother; the fighting was no longer worth it. None of this fighting.

He took my hand.

I didn’t turn away this time.

In the midst of all the dead bodies we’d placed there, we prayed.



((Just a little short I came up with… that will probably be featured in one way or another, in some really long story! One day!!))

Things I do to combat Writer’s Block.

Haha, Writer’s Block. Writer’s Block. Writers Block. Writers Block. I really do want to say to you guys that I know how to combat Writer’s Block and that’s why I’m so amazing.

Well, a) no. I got Writer’s Block. All the time. and b) I literally wrote this blog post because of Writer’s Block.

So here are my ways to combat Writer’s Block:

  1. Don’t push it. Your ideas will  come to you, but don’t push your ideas. That’s where Writer’s Block usually gets to the common writer; we’re trying to come up with an idea that’s not there.
  2. Scribble. Maybe you’re trying too hard to come up with a coherent thought! Grab some paper and scribble everything that comes into your head down. It might not help immediately, but it’ll help in the long run. That scribbled page will be important to you in the future-who knows, it may even be your next illustration!
  3. Do something else. Whether it’s writing something else, baking a cake, or (my personal favourite) buying a new pet, you need to move away from your work and make something different. It’ll stop your Writer’s Block. But keep your work nearby in case you come up with something!

So there are my three tips, let me know if you want more, or if these helped!

Until next time,

Clara xxx

Book Review!!

Here we go! Yay!

I have a short, and sweet, book review for you today!

I found, completely by accident, the most wonderous book at a bookstore. I am a sworn Sherlockian; Canon, BBC, Robert Downey Jnr, A Study in Terror, Ian McKellen and most importantly: Michael Caine’s Comedy Version. But I am very selective with the work that finds it’s way into bookstores. It’s like trying to buy a fanfiction with canon characters but the story line is in no way similar to anything.

BUT not this one; the cover was strikingly like the movie cover to Mr. Holmes, even though it  was not, and I was constantly drawn towards it. I’d sworn to myself earlier that I was not going to buy another book. I broke my promise.

I’ve had a little trouble finishing books lately, I just get so distracted, but in three hours I had completely neglected my life and finished this book!

So, for all the people looking for a new Sherlock Holmes Adventure; check out Bonnie MacBird’s Art in the Blood. It’s written from Watson’s point of view, about a missing child and is absolutely thrilling! I enjoyed every second of it, and could easily put it with my Sherlock Holmes’ collection and no one would think it was written after Arthur Conan Doyle’s passing, it’s seriously that amazing!

So give it a try! I’m treasuring it forever. 🙂

Clara xxx